Mainline Waterproofing are specialists Chemical Pressure Grouting

Chemical Pressure Grouting is an injection system filling and sealing cracks and voids within a concrete slab. Using an impermeable polymer grout: Polyurethane, pressure grouting will seal the crack/joint from air and water, the main cause of concrete spalling. Chemical Pressure Grouting can be applied to a number of different areas across all Industries.

What can be Repaired using Chemical Pressure Grouting?

Polyurethanes are usually quite flexible and will accommodate thermal and structural movement. Repair can be carried out in Wet or Dry conditions. Chemical Pressure Grouting in all concrete structures including:

  • Weeping hairline cracks
  • Joints: Cold / Expansion / Monolithic / Pipe Penetrations
  • Lift Shaft Walls and Floors
  • Manholes: Pipe Junctions / High Flowing Leaks in Pipe Joints
  • Rooftop Slab Structures: Carparks / Podiums etc
  • Soffit Crack Injection: Epoxy and PU Grouts