Mainline Waterproofing are committed to providing a high standard of services in the waterproofing industry.

Mainline Waterproofing have extensive knowledge and experience to apply the best-suited method for any given waterproofing situation which is great for houses and buildings that need water leak repairs in the Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast area.

Mainline Waterproofing strives on delivering excellent customer service. Each job is given specialised attention, commencing with a free onsite consultation and investigation with one of our experts - who will provide a detailed quotation identifying the issues and specific solutions to your waterproofing issues.

Mainline Waterproofing's waterproofing applications are undertaken to meet Australian AS 3740-1994, and furthermore, they are covered with an extensive product and workmanship guarantee.
There are many environmental factors that can impact concrete structures over a period of time. These environmental factors can cause reinforcement corrosion and spalling of the outer concrete layers. This is often referred to as concrete cancer. 
Concrete Remedial Repairs and Concrete Waterproofing includes the rebuilding and repairing of concrete structures which requires experienced and knowledgeable staff in relation ot materials and product application.
concrete slabs that have sunk or subsided by pumping a specially formulated grout under the surface of the concrete which pushes it up from below and levels it.
Environmental Control by Mainline Waterproofing - Environmental Control includes: Curtain Grouting, Bunded Isolation Areas, Chemical resistant barriers, Subterranean isolation barriers, Fluid control grouting (underside slab sealing).
Pipe Penetrations Include: Pressure grout seal pipe annuls in floors and walls, Seal associated hairline cracks of penetration
Australian made Tufflon polyurea is available in four grades each suited to a particular application in mining, construction, civil, transport, waterproofing, tanking, water and waste-water industries.
SIKA'S SARNAFIL is a world leading PVC sheet membrane that has over 50 years in application across the world in most testing environments with proven durability.
Swimming Pool Repairs - our background in tunnel and concrete structures place Mainline in an ideal position to service the swimming pool market. Mainline specialise in water leak repairs, waterproofing, pressure-grouting and ground consolidation, so it made good sense to apply our skills gained in these industries to the pool repair market.
Waterproofing Surface Coatings by Mainline Waterproofing, Trafficable Surface Coatings Include: Concrete hardening surface application, Rubberised (membrane) surface coating, Epoxy surface coating, Concrete surface rejuvenation, Removal of algae and mould form surface, Waterproof surface coatings, Surface remedial repairs.