Mainline Waterproofing offers waterproofing across a range of applications.

Mainline Waterproofing's waterproofing applications are undertaken to meet Australian AS 3740-1994, and furthermore, they are covered with an extensive product and workmanship guarantee.

We are waterproofing experts and are industry leaders with access to a range of leading products to suit your specific needs. We ensure that all of our waterproofing work is completed to the highest quality and has a lasting effect and impact.

A range of issues can arise if appropriate procedures for waterproofing are not adhered to which can prove to be not only inconvenient, but very costly to fix. We offer many years of knowledge and experience, can provide you with fully qualified tradesman, fully competitive industry pricing, timely completion of work and workmanship guarantees. There is no need to go elsewhere when you need an expert in waterproofing as Mainline Waterproofing can meet your needs. We provide quality waterproofing services and are licensed waterproofers in Brisbane, Queensland.

We offer:

  • Polyurethane membranes
  • Bituminous ‘torch-on’ sheet membranes
  • Acrylic-polymers membranes
  • Cementitous membranes